December 9, 2022

Features of a Hydraulic Platform Lift You Should Look For

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Features of a Hydraulic Platform Lift You Should Look For

If you’re considering a hydraulic platform lift for your business, there are a few important factors. These lifts offer greater safety and lower maintenance and are easier to operate than mechanical lifts. Some lifts even allow you to operate them from either end of the platform or a dock. Listed below are some features of a hydraulic platform lift that you should look for. Read on to learn more about these machines and how they can benefit your business.

Platform lifts are reliable and robust

Hydraulic platform lifts offer a range of models to suit various applications. Suitable for existing and new workshops, they are available as surface-mounted models or flush-mounted versions with water-resistant wash bay options.

They require less maintenance than mechanical lifts

Compared to mechanical platform lifts, hydraulic models require less maintenance and are much more reliable. Both types require occasional maintenance, such as cleaning and oiling. Typical maintenance involves regular checking of the fluid level and lubrication of the screw drives. An owner’s manual will describe regular cleaning and maintenance procedures for both types. Some models also include basic repair information. The manual should be consulted by a trained technician familiar with both electro-mechanical and safety requirements.

They can be operated from either end of the platform

Hydraulic platform lifts are typically operated from either end of the platform. The hydraulic system can move the lift in both directions and can be operated from either end. The Y-type lifting arm provides greater bearing rigidity and simplifies the lift’s overall structure. The Y-type design also allows more space underneath the platform to allow easy servicing equipment passage.

They can be operated from a dock

Hydraulic platform lifts can be used on a dock or ground level. A dock lift is a stationary, high-capacity lifting device designed to move truck wells and trailers without requiring a loading dock. Its vertical travel range is 72 feet or less, so it can accommodate various truck sizes and types. The lift can be mounted inside or outside the building and can accommodate most types of lifting equipment. The lift is designed with a bridge that spans the distance between the truck bed and ground level. Safety handrails are provided to protect personnel.